Phaya Nak Naga Takrut LP So


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Phaya Nak Naga Takrut LP So

The Phaya Nak Naga Takrut LP So is a powerful and revered amulet encapsulating the divine blessings of the esteemed Luang Pu So. This sacred amulet is born from a significant ritual performed during three momentous occasions:

  1. On the auspicious Wednesday, 29th of August, 2561 B.E., by the banks of Khong River.
  2. Following on Thursday, the 30th of August, 2561 B.E., at Wat Pho Sri in Tha Uthen district, Nakhon Phanom.
  3. Culminating on Friday, the 31st of August, 2561 B.E., at the sacred Wang Nakin Kamcha Nod in Ban Dung district, Udon Thani.

Crafted with the profound aim of contributing to the restoration and enrichment of the sacred rituals at Wat Udom Phaisan, this amulet serves as a vessel of protection, love, sanity, and fortune.

Blessed by the venerable Luang Pu So, this amulet offers two variations for veneration:

  1. Samrit Chup Thong (Gold Plated) Oil Casing
  2. Alpaca Oil Casing (Thong-Kao)

Each variation is infused with the spiritual essence and blessings, delivering a blend of love, protection, and prosperity to the bearer.

The Inkhu Phaya Nakarat Takrut embodies a size of 2.7 cm in width and 6.7 cm in height, ensuring its portability and ease of carrying for the devotees seeking the revered protection and blessings. This amulet is an embodiment of divinity and a powerful charm, crafted to bring forth the mystical allure and protective powers of Phayanak.


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    Phaya Nak Naga Takrut LP SoPhaya Nak Naga Takrut LP So