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The Naga Takrut Amulet was made by Luang Pu Khambhu at Wat Kut Chom Phu Temple on 2557BE

Carry the essence of fortune and safety with you wherever you go with this amulet, a creation of spiritual significance by the venerable Luang Pu Khambu from Wat Kut Chom Phu.

Product Details:

Crafted with precision, this amulet boasts an interior adorned with an engraved snake skin, encapsulating the mythical allure of Naga.

Material: Made from high quality alpaca, featuring a striking white gold finish. The combination of alpaca and genuine snake skin creates a unique and powerful talisman.

Model: Maha Nakhon Ratchasri. This model is specifically designed to invoke the blessings of abundance and prosperity.

Venerable Luang Pu Khambu: This amulet is a testament to the revered monk’s spiritual craftsmanship and dedication to spreading positive energy.

Dimensions: Length: 5 cm


Spiritual Benefits:


Fortune: Carry the amulet to attract good luck and prosperity into your life.

Safety: The Takrut Naga provides a shield of protection, ensuring your well-being wherever you go.


This product contains worship to get success.

All amulets available in our store are guaranteed to be 100% genuine.

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Dimensions 3 × 1.5 cm


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    Naga TakrutNaga Takrut Snake Skin LP Khambu

    Availability: 5 in stock