Rahu Rope Bracelet by Ajarn Plian 2565


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Rahu Rope Bracelet by Ajarn Plian 2565

Phra Rahu Bracelet by Ajarn Plian, a renowned master of Thai traditional arts. This exquisite pendant is designed to bring prosperity and good fortune.

In the midst of natural disasters and various ailments that have plagued our world, affecting nearly everyone’s lives for over two years, such as the COVID-19, people have experienced a significant decline in their quality of life. Health issues, social problems, and economic downturns have left many feeling hopeless and discouraged.

Recognizing the need to help alleviate the suffering of his disciples, followers, and the general public, Ajarn Plian, a compassionate and highly skilled master, decided to create the “Phra Rahu Bracelet

Ajarn Plian, a respected spiritual teacher and a master of magical arts, combined 108 auspicious materials and ancient amulets to create this powerful and sacred pendant. With great dedication and intention, he presented this sacred item as a New Year’s gift for the year 2565 BE, allowing all his disciples to have an object of worship.

Rahu Rope Bracelet

Phra Rahu is a celestial deity, an asura with a giant body and a severed head. His divine body is depicted in black, blue, black-red, and gold colors, with his hands holding the moon, symbolizing his ability to swallow and release it.

It is highly recommended to acquire this sacred item for worshiping purposes. Ajarn Plian has bestowed upon it the immense power of magic and enchantment, inviting the celestial spirits to join in the awakening of its divine energy, ensuring its ultimate potency.

This auspicious talisman serves as a protective charm for homes and individuals, guarding against various dangers and negative influences. It purifies black magic, brings favorable winds, resolves conflicts, and transforms misfortunes into blessings.

It enhances charm, fortune, prosperity, benevolence, and great popularity. Also ensures safety and bestows good luck, facilitates successful trade and commerce, and attracts an abundance of wealth and positive experiences into the lives of those who worship it.

The pendant measures 3.5 cm in height and 2.2 cm in width, making it a perfect size to be worn or displayed.


✅ This product contains worship to get success.

✅ All amulets available in our store are guaranteed to be 100% genuine.

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 3.3 × 2.2 cm

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    Rahu Rope BraceletRahu Rope Bracelet by Ajarn Plian 2565