LP Liew Thai Amulet Turtle Case Pendant


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LP Liew Thai Amulet Turtle Casing Pendant

LP Liew PanNaGo was born in B.E. 2448 (1905). He was born at Ratchaburi Province, Thailand. When he was young, he escaped from his house to study a magical knowledge with Karen Arjan. He was ordained a monk at the age of 27. He studied Pa Ya Tow knowledge from LP Yon at Wat Baan Kong Yai, Ratchaburi Province. Afterwards he was very successful in this knowledge and recite incantations the first Pa Ya Tow in 1973. The Pa Ya Tow helps in dangerous protection, beloved, trading and good luck. So the Pa Ya Tow (King Turtle) became the symbol of LP Liew.


LP Liew’s power:

-Good luck




This product contains prayer to get success

All amulets in this store come from temples around Thailand and amulet shops.


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