Phra Ngang Red Eyes Thai Amulet Figure


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Phra Ngang Red Eyes Thai Amulet Figure

Phra Ngang statues and amulets are believed to be originally from Cambodia, but their making is nowadays a Thai affair. Few Masters still realize them and the very nature of these amulets and the entities that inhabit them is open to discussion.

According to the sources one can hear the following versions:

-Phra Ngang would be a ” mountain gods ” from Cambodia, who was later added to the Buddhist pantheon as an “imperfect” Buddha who did not attain complete enlightenment.
This sound much like all the “wrathful deity” in Tibetan Buddhism, that are often local gods modified to fit in the Buddhist system of belief.


Phra Ngang’s power:

-Block black magic

-Prosperity to life


-Attraction to the opposite


This product contains prayer to get success.

All amulets in this store come from temples around Thailand and amulet shops.


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    Phra Ngang Red EyesPhra Ngang Red Eyes Thai Amulet Figure

    Availability: 5 in stock