Phra Pidta Yin Yang Bracelet by Ajarn Plian


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Phra Pidta Yin Yang Bracelet Ajarn Plian

Experience the compassionate and secure essence of the Buddhist virtues with the Phra Pidta Yin Yang Bracelet.

The ceremonial ritual and awakening of this sacred item was performed by Ajarn Plian, the renowned master of mystical arts from Wat Khao Or, Phatthalung, on Wednesday, 29th December 2564 BE.

Ajarn Plian played a significant role in the creation of the Phra Pidta Yin Yang Bracelet. It is adorned with the potent black onyx stone, symbolizing protection from disturbances and chaotic relationships. They serve as a shield against negative energies while promoting balance within oneself and the environment.

Black Onyx stone is known for its ability to dispel anxieties and protect the wearer from negative influences. It is particularly effective in challenging situations and safeguards against harmful energies.

Phra Pidta Yin Yang Bracelet details :

Yin Yang represents the principle of natural equilibrium, signifying that everything in the world must have a counterpart. It embodies the concept that light cannot exist without darkness, and heat cannot exist without cold. The Yin represents the moon, symbolizing acceptance and willingness to be the one acted upon, while the Yang represents the sun, signifying assertiveness and vitality. The colors black and white respectively represent Yin and Yang, representing the balance between stillness and movement, preservation and growth, and cold and warmth.


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    Phra Pidta Yin YangPhra Pidta Yin Yang Bracelet by Ajarn Plian

    Availability: 5 in stock