Kuman Thong LP Yam Sam Ngam Temple

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Kuman Thong LP Yam Sam Ngam Temple

Kuman Thong (กุมารทอง) is a household divinity of Thai popular religion. It is believed to bring luck and fortune to the owner if properly revered. Kuman means ” Sanctified young boy” thong means golden.

The authentic Kuman Thong originated in a practice of necromancy. They were obtained from the desiccated fetuses of children who had died whilst still in their mothers’ womb.

The witch doctors were said to have the power to invoke these stillborn babies, adopt them as their children, and use them to help them in their endeavours.

According to ancient Thai manuscripts used by practitioners of black magic (Thai: ไสยศาสตร์ Saiyasat), first the unborn fetus was surgically removed from the womb of its mother.

Then the body of the child would be taken to a cemetery for the conduction of the proper ceremonial ritual to invoke a Kuman Thong.


Kuman Thong Power:

*Increasing your advantage in trade

*Watching your property

*Watching your house

*Giving you lock in lottery

*Telling you the future


This product contains prayer to get success.

KAll amulets in this store come from temples around Thailand and amulet shops.


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