Nang Kwak Pendant Goddess of Wealth Edition


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Nang Kwak Pendant Goddess of Wealth Edition

Nang Kwak Coin: Goddess of Wealth edition, a powerful emblem of prosperity and affluence from Wat Dao Khanong, Bangkok, created in the auspicious year 2531.

Nang Kwak, the revered goddess of fortune in Thai tradition, is depicted as a gracefully seated woman draped in traditional Thai fabric, with one leg folded and her hand beckoning blessings. Her other hand holds a golden tray, symbolizing abundance and prosperity. The unique pose of Nang Kwak, sitting with folded legs, is believed to attract wealth and customers, making her an icon associated with prosperity in business.

Legend has it that Nang Kwak, also known as Supawadee, was the daughter of a wealthy merchant. She embraced the teachings of Lord Buddha and Goddess Siva, receiving blessings from both deities. With her unwavering faith and dedication to the Buddhist principles, Supawadee transformed her family’s business into a flourishing enterprise, becoming a symbol of prosperity for those who venerate her.

The image of Nang Kwak gained prominence during the Ayutthaya period (1350-1767) and further flourished in the Rattanakosin era (modern times), particularly during the reigns of Rama IV and Rama V. This increased popularity was fueled by economic growth during that period.


Charm Invocation for Nang Kwak: “Nammo 3, Aehi Jittang Mahalapang Piyang Mama Mama”

Nang Kwak Pendant Goddess

Key Features:

-Increasing your advantage in trade

-Watching your property

-Watching your house


-Prosperity Business


This product contains prayer to get success.

All amulets available in our store are guaranteed to be 100% genuine.

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    Nang Kwak Pendant GoddessNang Kwak Pendant Goddess of Wealth Edition

    Availability: 7 in stock