Garuda Three Kings by LP Key Wat Sri Lam Yai


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Garuda Three Kings by LP Key Wat Sri Lam Yai

Phaya Krut Aoi Angkon, the embodiment of three powerful kings, crafted in small size by Luang Pu Key of Wat Sri Lam Yai, Surin Province. This sacred amulet stands at a base of 1 cm and a height of 1.5 cm.

Model: Eternal Age, Year 2556
Energized on February 24th, 2556

Phaya Krut (Garuda) is the celestial high-ranking deity of immense wealth in gold and treasures, surpassing all other deities. Possessing the highest authority, never defeated, never falls ill, and is immortal. Additionally, endowed with immense wisdom and power, even the revered Naraayana respects and acknowledges Phaya Krut, agreeing that wherever Naraayana resides, Phaya Krut surpasses and becomes the vehicle for Naraayana, also known as ‘Phra Naraayana’s Khrut’.

Since ancient times, it’s believed that Phaya Krut and Phra Naraayana are inseparable, symbolizing strength and unity. Their images are carried on flags during battles, inspiring victory over enemies.

For those who worship and respect Phaya Krut, there are no prohibitions. Regardless of birth year or occupation, sincere devotion brings success in endeavors, promotions, prosperity, and love from those close. Furthermore, it provides protection from dangers, evil spirits, and instills fearlessness.

Garuda Three Kings Details :

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✅ This product contains worship to get success.

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    Garuda Three KingsGaruda Three Kings by LP Key Wat Sri Lam Yai

    Availability: 5 in stock