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9 Tails Fox Amulet by LP Nen Kaew

This amulet is made from high-quality white gold and has been blessed by the revered LP Nen Kaew from Wat Ban Kaset Thung Setthi, in the year 2556.

The 9 Tails Fox amulet possesses immense charm and popularity among believers. It is believed to bring blessings of love and prosperity to its wearer. This captivating amulet is highly sought-after and cherished by those seeking both emotional and financial fulfillment.

With dimensions of 4.0 cm in height and 1.5 cm in width, this amulet is compact and convenient to carry or wear as a pendant.

Experience the mystical power of nine tails fox amulet and invite love and wealth into your life. Embrace its divine energy and let it guide you towards a prosperous and fulfilling future.

✅ This product contains worship to get success.

✅ All amulets available in our store are guaranteed to be 100% genuine.

Weight 0.055 kg
Dimensions 4.2 × 3.6 cm



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    9 Tails Fox Amulet9 Tails Fox Amulet LP Nen Kaew