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Phra Pidta Black Pendant by LP Wan

Blessed by Luang Pho Wan at Wat Khlong Khun.

Phra Pidta is a sacred and powerful charm that embodies the essence of mercy, prosperity, and protection. Crafted with meticulous care and infused with the blessings of Luang Pho Wan from Wat Khlong Khun, this amulet is a symbol of divine grace and good fortune.


This amulet is meticulously crafted using a blend of 108 potent herbs, each chosen for its unique mystical properties.
Leklai powder, a sacred mineral believed to possess extraordinary protective energies, is also incorporated into this amulet’s design.

The materials used in this amulet include rare and auspicious elements like Nuan Man, Khai Yak Sak, Nuan Maha Prap, Lek Lai Dam, Nuan Thong, Mineral Nam Phi, Nuan Phra Atit, Leklai Bpiak and others.




This Phra Pidta Amulet is known for its exceptional qualities in attracting compassion, wealth, and protection.

It is believed to bring good luck and safeguard against malevolent spirits and negative energies.

The amulet is also associated with safe and trouble-free journeys, making it an ideal companion for travelers.


This product contains worship to get success.

All amulets available in our store are guaranteed to be 100% genuine.


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    Phra Pidta Black PendantPhra Pidta Black Pendant LP Wan

    Availability: 5 in stock