LP Thuad Thai Amulet Gold Casing 2552


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LP Thuad Thai Amulet Gold Casing

LP Thuad, Generation 1, Prosperous and Lucky, Year 2552, Wat Sattuajiam, Saraburi Province.

Luang Pu Tawad, is widely recognized by the Thai people. He possesses extraordinary powers and is a highly revered figure, known for his miraculous and benevolent acts. He is considered safe from danger and has been attributed the epithet “Luang Pu Tawad, the one who walks on murky waters.”

This sacred relic set is notable for its powerful energy components used in its construction. It includes the element of the sacred body or “Phaya Saminghalek Flowing Water,” which possesses immense potential energy, stability, and miraculous protective properties against black magic and various dangers.

It also contains Lava Rock from La Vapu Mountain or “Sekkala,” a pure elemental mineral that occurs naturally. It provides benefits to the body without any harmful effects, aiding in the balance and strengthening of our physical well-being.

Furthermore, there are 108 types of sacred powders, each with a lifespan of several decades, and the sacred soil from the Buddhist holy land of India, brought by Ajarn Nuu Kanpai, who is the catalyst for awakening these energy components.

The grand ceremony of Mahaputtaphisek at the Phra Uposatha Hall of Wat Sattuajiam took place on Saturday, March 7, 2552, with Ajarn Ord from Wat Sai Mai presiding as the monastic representative. Many other respected monks also participated in the chanting and meditation.

This sacred artifact possesses great benevolence, stability, immense potential, compassion, popularity, prosperity, and longevity. Additionally, it provides energy that contributes to robust health.

The LP Thuad amulet is highly regarded for its protective properties against accidents and attacks. It is commonly used by Thai people as a means to enhance safety while driving by placing the image of LP Thuad in their cars. Additionally, it can be worn as a necklace for personal protection.


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    LP Thuad Thai Amulet Gold CasingLP Thuad Thai Amulet Gold Casing 2552

    Availability: 8 in stock