Takrut Phalang Lok Tath by LP Somphon


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Takrut Phalang Lok Tath LP Somphon

Takrut Phalang Lok Tath is considered the first auspicious object created by Luang Pho Somphon. Initially, it was made for his elderly mother, whose body was weak, had difficulty walking, and had weak legs. LP Somphon decided to create this powerful takrut for his mother to carry, as a means of balancing the elements in her body

It is composed of various types of flowing iron, combined with 59 other substances as binding agents. These flowing irons are attached to the Tarut Phalang Lok Tath to enhance the body’s elemental balance and physical strength.

Takrut Phalang Lok Tath contains several other flowing irons, such as flowing iron Goktipi, flowing silver Yinwong, flowing iron Thongpla, flowing iron Surinyan Racha, and flowing iron Watcharatat.


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    lp somphonTakrut Phalang Lok Tath by LP Somphon

    Availability: 4 in stock