Lersi Nok Ked Figure by Ajarn Plian


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Lersi Nok Ked Figure blessed by Ajarn Plian

Behold the enchanting masterpiece, crafted by Ajarn Plian, the renowned master of powerful mystical arts. This sacred amulet embodies the essence of charm, charisma, love, and mysticism. As a revered Ajarn Uvicha possesses immense knowledge and expertise in magical arts, especially in the realms of enchantment and dark sorcery. This particular amulet is the epitome of authentic Lom Kao and Jao Chu magical traditions.

The creation of this sacred sculpture follows ancient techniques passed down through generations. In the Southern Thai magical tradition, it stands upright, with the right hand holding a silver bag to accumulate wealth, and the figure seated in a kneeling position. By infusing potent incantations and enchantments, Ajarn Pliean Hathayanont has awakened the immense power and effectiveness of this amulet, which is considered the first generation of its kind, destined to be cherished and worshipped both locally and internationally.

The combination of rare and powerful metal alloys used in its creation intensifies its effect, making it a unique talisman. The intricate and complex crafting process involves the inscription of sacred symbols on different types of metal alloys. These metals are then melted and blended together to create a powerful amalgamation known as “Sanam Samrit Suksan,” which signifies the fusion of three potent metals into one. It is said that any endeavor or wish will be fulfilled and succeed when blessed by this sacred talisman. Additionally, combining the same inscriptions on different metal alloys further amplifies the strength and magical qualities of the amulet by a hundredfold, similar to fire and oil coming together.

The primary metal alloys used in the creation amulet are as follows:

  1. Iron for capturing mischievous spirits.
  2. Extraditing prisoner’s shackles.
  3. Ancient fire-engraved stone.
  4. Steel railings.
  5. Ancient conch shell.
  6. Elephant tusk.
  7. Ship’s iron struts.
  8. Cremation grate.
  9. Bronze club.
  10. Railway track spikes.
  11. Iron lid pounding pedestal.
  12. Forged iron from rocky cliffs.
  13. Brass guards.
  14. Coin with a hole in the center.
  15. Magical profit.
  16. Dagger blade.
  17. Ancient plow.
  18. Iron railing connectors.
  19. Ancient temple bell.
Lersi Nok Ked Figure details 

✅ This product contains worship to get success.

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    Lersi Nok Ked Figure blessedLersi Nok Ked Figure by Ajarn Plian

    Availability: 7 in stock