Kruba Tao Owl Super Heng Series 2563


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Kruba Tao Owl Super Heng Series

Unlock the mystical powers of the nocturnal realm with the Kruba Tao Owl Super Heng Series. Crafted by the renowned Kruba Tao, this enchanting collection is designed to bring charm, attraction, and success to all aspects of your life, particularly in endeavors related to business and trade.

The Nok Thuet Thue, or owl, symbolizes keen vision and the ability to capture opportunities with precision. It is a creature of the night that possesses deep-rooted wisdom and intuition. By harnessing the magic of the owl, this amulet helps you navigate the complexities of the business world, safeguarding you against malicious actions and cleansing negative energies that may hinder your progress.

To begin your journey with the Nok Thuet Thue Raeksap Amulet, start by chanting the sacred mantra, “Kipi Phiki, Kipikipiki,” while focusing on your desired intentions. The more repetitions you make, the stronger the connection to the owl’s mystical energy.

By worshiping with this amulet, you will attract abundant blessings in trade, business, and overall prosperity. Phaya Nok Thuet Thue Raeksap Amulet is particularly suitable for businessmen, artists, salespeople, and anyone striving for success in their work, finance, and various business ventures.

Product Details:

  • Name: Phaya Nok Tuet Tuek Raeksap, Super Heng Series
  • Material: Bronze with silver plating and red enamel
  • Created by: Kruba Tao
  • Origin: Ubosot Temple, Ban Lao, Thailand
  • Year: BE2563 (Year 2020)
  • Size: 1.5 cm width

✅ This product contains worship to get success.

✅ All amulets available in our store are guaranteed to be 100% genuine.

Weight 0.055 kg

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    Kruba Tao OwlKruba Tao Owl Super Heng Series 2563