Khod Sian Takrut Ajarn Manit 2558


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Khod Sian Takrut Ajarn Manit

The Khod Sian Takrut Amulet is a powerful and sacred item crafted by Phra Ajarn Manee. It measures 1.5×3.5 cm (including the frame), making it a convenient size for carrying with you.

To worship the Super Manipulator Amulet, chant the following mantra three times:

“Om Guruyakheka Ueyo Yeyo Sussi Sussang Namo Phata Maha Tha Ma A U”

Afterward, recite your specific desires and intentions. If you seek luck in gambling, state the desired amount you wish to win. Once your desired outcome is achieved, it is advised to refrain from further gambling. If you intend to use the amulet for business or other purposes, recite your intentions accordingly. The amulet is known to produce positive results when used with sincerity.


Using a meticulous process, Phra Ajarn Manit has combined 108 types of herbs and cooked them together with coconut oil used for washing corpses. This potent mixture is then blended with Dangkha oil, Tongfa oil, Phi Pan oil, Prai oil, and other secret ingredients as prescribed in the sacred scriptures, ensuring a complete and powerful composition.

Khod Sian Takrut Ajarn Manit  Features:

Through consecration and whispering of incantations, the amulet is empowered with supernatural qualities. It is believed to bring immense benefits to its wearer:

  • Enhances luck in gambling of all kinds
  • Attracts popularity and promotes successful business transactions
  • Facilitates successful communication in professional matters
  • Favors good fortune and blessings


✅ This Khod Sian Takrut Ajarn Manit  product contains worship to get success.

✅ All amulets in our come from temples around Thailand.

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Dimensions 3.5 × 1.5 cm


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    Khod Sian Takrut Ajarn ManitKhod Sian Takrut Ajarn Manit 2558

    Availability: 5 in stock