Ganesha Figure Statue Ajarn Lek 2561


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Ganesha Figure Statue by Ajarn Lek BE2561

The Ganesha Figure Statue by Ajarn Lek is a truly extraordinary work of art and spirituality. This magnificent statue was intricately crafted and blessed by Phra Ajarn Lek, a highly revered master from Wat Tham Khao Noi in the year 2561 of the Buddhist Era.

The Ganesha Figure Statue is meticulously sculpted using high-quality samlit plate, known for its exceptional durability and auspicious qualities. Every intricate detail of the statue showcases the masterful craftsmanship, while a delicate layer of divine energy envelops it, amplifying its inherent power.

Key Features:

With its compact dimensions of 3.0*2.4 cm, this statue is conveniently portable, allowing you to carry the divine energy of Ganesha close to your heart at all times. It serves as a constant source of protection, guiding you towards inner peace, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment.

The Ganesha Figure Statue by Ajarn Lek is a profound symbol of ancient wisdom and unwavering devotion. It is believed to attract good fortune, dispel negative energies, and invite positive influences into your life. Whether you are an avid collector or an individual seeking solace in spirituality, this sacred statue is an invaluable treasure to cherish.

To ensure the authenticity of this revered artifact, it comes with a unique code on the amulet for verification purposes. Rest assured that you are acquiring an authentic and blessed Ganesha Figure Statue, imbued with the divine energy of Ajarn Lek’s blessings.

Embrace the divine presence of Ganesha and invite his blessings into your life. Order the Ganesha Figure Statue Ajarn Lek 2561 today and embark on a journey of spiritual transformation and prosperity.


This product contains worship to get success.

All amulets in this store come from temples around Thailand and amulet shops.

Weight 0.055 kg
Dimensions 3 × 2.4 cm

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