Er Ger Fong King of Gambler by Ajarn Subin


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Er Ger Fong King of Gambler by Ajarn Subin

The Ergefong amulet by Ajarn Subin is a sacred and powerful charm created for those seeking blessings of luck, fortune, and prosperity. This particular model, named “Heng Dang Klang Dee,” is highly revered and pays homage to the revered master for 60 years.

This amulet is infused with the divine power of Phra Mahasurasak, the principal deity of the ancient Lanna tradition, and Ajarn Subin, a renowned spiritual teacher. The consecration ceremony took place on Saturday, 6th May 2560 at Monton Pitthi Sakdithikum, located in Ladpladuk Temple, Nonthaburi Province.

This Ergefong amulet is believed to possess auspicious qualities and bring good luck, prosperity, and protection to its wearer. It is intricately crafted using sacred materials and has undergone a blessed ritual to infuse it with powerful spiritual energy.

Yi Ko Hong Locket’s – Complete Set of 3

The Yi Ko Hong Lockets” complete set, consisting of three beautifully crafted lockets for veneration and spiritual connection.

  1. Golden Locket: The most powerful amulet of the set. This golden locket radiates a sense of elegance and prosperity. It is believed to bring good fortune, success, and abundance into the life of its wearer. A powerful charm specifically designed to boost your luck in the world of gaming and gambling.
  2. Red Locket: The vibrant red locket symbolizes passion, energy, and protection. It is revered for its ability to ward off negativity, evil spirits, and misfortune while attracting fortune, courage, and vitality.
  3. White Locket: The pure white locket represents purity, peace, and spiritual awakening. It is renowned for its ability to enhance fortune, clarity, and harmony in one’s life while promoting spiritual growth and inner serenity.

Please note that the effectiveness and power of the amulet may vary based on individual beliefs and faith.

Er Ger Fong King of Gambler Details :

✅ This product contains worship to get success.

✅ All amulets available in our store are guaranteed to be 100% genuine.

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    Er Ger Fong King of GamblerEr Ger Fong King of Gambler by Ajarn Subin
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