Thao Wessuwan Takrut Ajarn Subin


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Thao Wessuwan Takrut Ajarn Subin

Thao Wessuwan Takrut by Ajarn Subin is a potent talisman designed to enhance your fortune and provide protection from danger. This sacred item is specially consecrated through the Great Magic Mantra Ceremony by the esteemed Ajarn Subin Na Nathong.

With dimensions of 1.8 cm in width, 1.4 cm in thickness, and 5.4 cm in height, this Takrut possesses a compact yet impactful presence.

The code is discreetly engraved on the back of Thao Wessuwan’s head, ensuring its authenticity and connection to its mystical energies.

Embrace the blessings of success by incorporating this powerful talisman into your daily life. As a token of reverence, this product contains the essence of worship to help you attract positive outcomes and achieve your goals.


This product contains worship to get success.

All amulets available in our store are guaranteed to be 100% genuine.


Order your Thao Wessuwan takrut today and embrace the blessings of luck and fortune in your life.

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    Thao Wessuwan Takrut, inspired by Ajarn Subin NathongThao Wessuwan Takrut Ajarn Subin

    Availability: 5 in stock