LP Ruay Thai Amulet Wat Tako 2553


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LP Ruay Thai Amulet Wat Tako 2553

LP Ruay Wat Tako, was an abbot of temple Wat Tako, Ayutthaya. He was born at year Dec 1921 in Ayutthaya Province and at age of 12, he studied with a monk at Tako School. When he was 16, he got ordained as a novice at Wat Tako. Finally at age of 20, in 1941 he got ordained as a monk at the same temple. He is famous for his holy amulets of good luck, protection and charm. He lived simply and behaves well, now LP Ruay is one of the famous monk in Thailand.


LP Ruay’s Tiger power:

*Good luck




This product contains prayer to get success

All amulets in this store come from temples around Thailand and amulet shops.


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