Kruba Tao Elephant Takrut Amulet 2564


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Kruba Tao Elephant Takrut Amulet

Introducing the Elephant Takrut (Chang Lhong Khlong) by Kruba Tao, a rare and powerful talisman that was consecrated on Tuesday, July 13th, 2564 BE, (2021), with only 999 pieces produced. Crafted using the ancient Lanna magic ceremony to awaken one’s inner spirit, this talisman features Takrut Chang Lhong Khlong – a traditional Northern Thai amulet mixed with herbs and powders.

Designed for those who appreciate thai talisman, this amulet is infused with the powerful magic of the elephant and Khlong herb, known to lead even a wayward elephant that loves the same scent away from the herd. It is guaranteed to attract love, affection, support, and success while captivating the listener’s attention.

To fully unleash its potential, recite the katha “Namo Jit, Mo Puk Jai, Tha Long Lai, Yapha Jai Hakoo Sawaha” three times during the worship of the Takrut Chang Lhong Khlong. Don’t miss your chance to own this unique and powerful talisman – order now while supplies last!

Our product is guaranteed to be authentic and consecrated by the temple. You can trust that each item has undergone a sacred ceremony to ensure its spiritual purity and potency.

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Gold, Pink Gold Plated, White Gold


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